Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa! Situated in the heart of African continent. Despite being one of the smallest countries among African nations, it has so much in it. It’s a cultural melting pot of over 50 tribes all living in harmony. Uganda is where East African Savannah meets the West African jungle. Its eco friendliness, mountainous landscapes in the west, breath taking equatorial locations on the shores of Lake Victoria makes it also referred to as the Switzerland of Africa. The weather is favorable throughout the year, only dry and wet season. It’s an ideal destination for culture, nature, wildlife, adventure lovers, wide range of handcrafts and so much more.

Uganda is renowned for its mountain gorillas, but has good populations of other primate types as well such as chimpanzees and ten species of monkeys. Other wildlife you can hope to find includes lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, giraffe and a variety of common antelope, including the endemic Uganda kob.

Time Zone
UTC +3



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